Friday, September 6, 2013

Toddler Crafts

Every month or so I try and restock our "craft" bin and activity ideas. Since my background is in Elementary Education I feel like there is a little bit more pressure on me to be more intentional on "educating" our son. First world mom problem I guess. I know its a total ludicrous thought and Ryder just turned two..  we count, say our ABCs, read, sing, you know, the typical toddler stuff. On my FACEBOOK I have shared various crafts/ activities that I have done with Ryder but never blog about it. Now I am NOT artistic in any way shape or form, so if you think we are Picasso up in here you are far from right. I am just getting more and more excited because Ryder is more and more into the crafts/ activities that we do! He will ask me, "craft mama after nap?" (so cute how can you say no?)

1. Pipe Cleaners & strainer: (pinterest) How easy is there, it cost me $1. Pipe cleaners from the dollar store and a strainer that was in the cupboard. It keeps Ryder busy and builds his fine motor skills, win win. 

2. Dot Painting: Another cheap activity, bought bingo markers from the dollar store for a dollar, got a few colors but only opened the red. Ryder was doing great keeping it on the paper. I went inside to check on something in the oven and came back to this:

How cute is he though!? Luckily he was already half naked and OUTSIDE! He was having SO much fun. I let him continue to play but kept reminding him he couldn't put them in his mouth :) 

3. Painting with water: umm FREE! (if you have a paintbrush)
We did this activity the same day as the dots as you can tell. I figured it might help with getting the red marks off.. he "painted" the deck for a good 30 minutes! He was having so much fun, he even painted himself!

4. Q-tips game!: LOVE this, it is so cute watching little ones pick them up and put them in the cup. You can switch it up and get a narrow mouth cup to make it more "challenging." We don't really get the q-tips out as much anymore like we use to.

5. Hopscotch: To be honest when I made the hopscotch pattern I did not think Ryder would have any interest in it and it was mainly just for me haha but he loved it, granted he wasn't jumping on one leg but he was jumping down it and laughing so hard. I wish I had a picture to share! But next time you have your chalk out play some hopscotch.. and even if its raining draw one on the garage floor! 

We did a super cute Halloween activity today, I will share it later! 

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