Saturday, July 2, 2011

The "LAST YEAR" in a few paragraphs....

Well... I think its time for a new blog :) Yes, I already have one but its outdated FOR SURE! SO here I am. The last year has been insanely crazy. So much has changed but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I could spend HOURS recapping our last year but Im going to make it short and sweet so I can move on to posting regularly the new adventures to come for Austin and I. Here is a condensed, quick storyline...

December 30th, 2010--- WE GOT ENGAGED @ Pacific City on top of the HUGE dune. The same spot that we became "officially" a couple! Austin's entire family was there to witness the occasion as well as take some AWESOME pictures ( Thanks Stacey Johnson!)

March 3rd, 2011--- We officially moved into our new HOUSE in Dayton, Oregon! Yes, one day before we left for our wedding weekend.... The house closed the week before but with water heater issues we didn't move in until the day before we left for our wedding weekend. This is one of the pictures from the RMLS website, you can't see the garage but it will do!

March 5th, 2011--- WE GOT MARRIED :) At Timberline Lodge! It was so beautiful an there was TONS of snow. It was amazing! We had an amazing photographer, amazing bridal party, and amazing family for the occasion. It was perfect! This picture was taken in the snow as you ca tell and it was FREEZING! But I love the snow pictures!!

March 24th, 2011--- We found out we are having a baby BOY--- Ryder Lee Johnson, due August 21st, 2011!!! We cannot wait for our look bundle of joy to arrive!

June 10th, 2011--- Erika graduated from Eastern Oregon University!!!! yay! With a bachelors of Elementary Education, minor in ESOL, and a bachelors of Multidisciplinary studies!! GO ME!! and I'm 30 weeks pregnant at graduation :)

Okay, so thats our life in a nut shell! ha We are now awaiting the arrival of our baby boy Ryder! 50 days to go until his due date and I am getting anxious to hold the little dude!