Monday, September 9, 2013

Fall crafts!

I am getting into the Fall spirit, which is odd for me so early because I just love summer. I am actually getting excited for Halloween too.. I need to figure out Ryder's costume.. hmm any ideas!? We have started doing some fall crafts. Last week we did two and they are super cute, I actually was getting teary eyed watching Ryder do the pumpkin one.. aww so sweet! He loved it.

Anyways, I was on Pinterest and came across a picture of a spider made out of hand prints and I remember doing this craft with the preschool I worked at years ago and I thought it would be fun to do with Ry. It is super easy!! All you need is paint, paper & googly eyes!

The second craft we did was this pumpkin activity. It was a spur of the moment craft. We had just gotten back from getting more craft stuff and I got new construction paper and I opened it and ripped a piece on accident. So I thought why not do a ripped paper craft. This was Ryder's first real experience with liquid glue. He liked it, but wanted me to put the glue down and he wanted to "cover up goo" with the paper pieces.

For the pumpkin craft, I traced a big circle for the "pumpkin" and told Ryder to put orange in the middle. This was guided, but he actually did really well! He wanted me to do the glue, SO I would put glue down and he was take an orange piece and cover the glue. Then we did green for the grass and blue for the sky. I had cut out triangles for eyes and the mouth and let him put them wherever he wanted and then I glued them down for him. He was confused because the triangles din't look like eyes to him. He wanted the googly eyes so ran to the closet where the crafts are and insisted I get googly eyes. I think he turned out pretty cute ;)

I am loving the age of 2, despite the meltdowns and temper tantrums Ryder is such a blessing and I love watching him grown and explore! 

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