Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A clean home is a HAPPY home...

hi. my name is Erika and I like lists. At any given moment I have at least 2 lists I am working off of. Reminder list, grocery list, to do lists. You name it, i've either got it, had it or will have it! haha I would consider myself to be very type A and am slight OCD. I like things to be organized, to have a "home" and to be clean (im sure my mom would beg to differ when I was in high school given the state of my room & car..) I am constantly changing up how I keep our house clean. Since we just said "goodbye" to summer and hello to fall I thought i'd share with you my new fall cleaning schedule. Now, I get sidetracked, things happen, the floors don't get swept, dishes get left in the sink, but having it all organized on paper helps my brain be less stressed and our house more clean (typically!) I was talking with another mama friend about cleaning schedules and she asked if I had one, and as a matter of fact I do! summer always gets a little out of wack, we are always so busy and running around stuff, cleaning, tends to get pushed to the back burner.

I thought i'd share my likes and dislikes of cleaning :


FLOORS-- Ugh, how I hate vacuuming, sweeping, moping, swiffering, anything that has to do with cleaning the floors. I love when they are clean, but I don't like doing it. Floors are Austin's "favorite" so he will do them on the weekends, or when he feels like it.. usually after I do them and he says they aren't clean enough (haha)

BUTCHER BLOCK: SO we just moved into our new home recently (house tour to come soon, promise) and in the kitchen we have awesome granite counter tops EXCEPT for the large center island is butcher block. ya ya ya it looks cool but functional.. not so much. It has some stains (a little OCD girl over here and stains drive me nuts) and you can only wash it with vinegar.. I HATE the smell of vinegar. Quick story, I was making our dog Bruce bones and had a bowl of eggs next to me, some how i knocked it over all over the butcher block. It was absorbing into it and I was beyond grossed out. I cleaned it with vinegar but I still don't feel like its sanitized enough. Anyways, We are going to replace it with granite but we can't match it 100% so we are trying to figure out the best granite option for our kitchen. So for now, I live with the butcher block.

FAVORITE "chore":
Bathrooms! I love love love a clean bathroom. There are times I clean the toilets in our house multiple times a week.. why? I dunno, throw a pair of gloves on and it's easy and everyone loves a clean toilet!

Okay, back on track.. Here is my FALL cleaning schedule! It will be altered, things will be added but for now it works!

A clean house is a HAPPY house!

Make Bed(s)
Start load of laundry
Unload dishwasher

Switch over laundry (or) fold laundry
Clean up kitchen from lunch
Wipe down counters
Finish unloading dishwasher, load 

Before bed kitchen must be SPOTLESS (Minus soaking pans ;))
Dishwasher started 
Toys picked up

Clean out fridge, discard old left overs, outdated food
Wipe down shelves and drawers in fridge
Clean sweep of pantry
Grocery shopping- Restock food & prep food if needed

Bathrooms (all 3!) 
-toilets, counters, sinks, showers, mirrors & BASEBOARDS
-Sanitize switches and doorknobs


Wash all sheets
wipe down baseboards (obsession of mine)

Dust all rooms & mirrors not in bathrooms
FREE DAY-- pick a month task

Project day!-- monthly task or yearly task

 Garbages & Recylcing (AUSTIN)

1st of the MONTH:
Pay bills & budget :)
Make list of needed household supplies & ordered necessities

Vacuum couches
clean under sink in kitchen & bathrooms
Organize kitchen drawers
Organize closets/ drawers
Organize bathroom drawers  & wipe out
Go through Ryder’s clothes and pack up too small
Window tracks & windows
wipe down blinds
wipe out all kitchen cabinets
clean out cars

Go through toys and donate

Now the fun begins, fall. I love summer but fall is one of my favorites as well. I hope we can find some fun activities to stay busy this fall.. I hope to blog more too.. it's been awhile!

(Here is a picture of us from Ryder's 2nd Birthday. I cannot believe our little man is 2! ) 

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  1. I guess you've got it all set. It really helps to map out a clear schedule for anything, followed by a sense of will to follow that on through. And yes, a clean home leads to a happy home. And a safe one, free from germs and grime and all that stuff. There are lots of methods and options out there to ensure this, which may or may not require one to part with money. Take your pick, I guess.

    Deidra @ Minuteman