Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Total Randomness!

I haven't blogged in awhile, I think about it often, but blog so little. My bad. But anyways, a lot has happened since I lasted posted. Im currently sitting in the car while Ryder naps, waiting the arrival of my mother @ holland studios (the photographers that took our AMAZING wedding photos) well a year and a half later I have FINALLY sent in our pictures for our album and the proof is done! I can't wait to see it!

Well that's not why I blogged today. Austin stated yesterday at ODOT (Oregon Department of Transportation) he had been applying since 2009! It's super hard to get in on the state and since he is so young it's even harder! But he sent in his resume for this job, got a call, had an interview and bam he got it! There were 18 applicants and they interviewed 14. I am one proud wife! He is the new Contract administrator and inspector out of Salem! Yay! It's funny that his first day happened to be Ryder's 1st birthday. I guess August 6th is a good day for us!!

This morning Ryder had his 12 month appointment with Dr. Yeager! She said he is doing PERFECT and that it is so refreshing to her that Austin and I are aware of the things he eats & our parenting philosophy-- which is a little bit of everything haha kidding, having an education background I have some strong opinions in how I want us to raise Ryder, and thankfully Austin an I are 100% on the same page!! Also, if you ate a parent or one day might be check out Parenting With love & logic, its an amazing book! Dr. Yeager also loves that he eats so healthy, natural, organic foods & that we are CONSISTENT! Well we try to be! I love that being a parent means you have all control & freedom to do what you & your spouse feel is best!

I have a ton of pictures to post from Ryder's birthday party and I'll get
On that soon.. :)

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