Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ryder turns ONE!

Our little man is officially ONE. He is a toddler, he is walking, and he has no more bottles. I think I am having an anxiety attack.. How did that year go by so quickly! It is amazing, we have gone through a lot in one short year yet it seems like just yesterday he was born.

We had a wonderful party that he will never remember to celebrate his life! We took TONS of pictures and year from now he will be able to look back at all the fun! Here are a few to give you a feel of the party...

Sign on the front door, warming everyone up to the theme of Dr. Seuss!

Guestbook table.. there were four fishbowls, one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish! We actually gave the fish away at the end of the party to some kiddos who were BEGGING to take them home!

 Some of Ryder's friends, Colby, Ryder, Nico, & Zeke! 

 Ryder's Cake- Made by the talented kelsea Reineccius, check her out. She also did our amazing Thing 1 & Thing 2 Cupcakes as well!

Dessert Table! 

The kids seemed to enjoy the bounce house, the adults even got in for a little bit!

This was the best idea ever, I wish I could take full credit on the snow cone machine but I can't... all goes to the hubby!

Austin & his dad cut out his huge 1

Johnson cousins

Our Little Family

Before cake! BIG 1 year old!

Not too sure about this whole cake stuff! It was more of a muffin.. I didn't want Ryder having so much sugar so I made his "smash" cake and iced it with whipping cream. I'll post the recipe later. 

After his cake! Not too messy. The cake wasn't your typical cake and I made muffins as well and I have actually been giving him the muffins leftover as a snack and he LOVES them without the whipped cream!

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