Thursday, August 9, 2012

If you REALLY knew me...

I saw this on a few other blogs I follow and I thought it was cute. Made me think so I started writing things down...

If you REALLY knew me you'd know.....

-I am a mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend.

-My middle name is Lynn, so is my moms!

-I am terrified of elevators... not that they will fall or that I will die in one but of how claustrophobic they make me feel. Like seriously my feet are getting sweaty as I type thinking about it!

-I was scared when I was pregnant that I would be super claustrophobic... I wasn't.

-I worry like no ones business, it drives the people around me crazy at times i'm sure.

-I hated my best friend when I first met her.. now after 10 years I couldn't imagine my life without her. 

-Running is my biggest stress reliever. 

-I hate clutter, knick nacks, random stuff all over the place. Austin & I joke that we could never have a garage sale because we throw away all the stuff we don't want or need and could never save it to sell later!

-I met my husband on the internet ;)

-My first car was a jetta

-I love Jesus, I feel like my relationship with him right now is stronger than it has ever been & i'm loving it. but don't get me wrong, I lack faith & obedience too often.. hence the 

-I love turbo kickboxing & the body pump class @ the gym.. yet haven't been for over a year. Justification: my closet gym (that I have a membership to) is over an hour away & Ryder last 5 minutes in the kid watch at the gym.. SO I just run at the moment.. kinda ;)

-I have the most amazing, hardworking, loving, calm, intelligent, patient husband in the world. He truly is my better half. He completes me & grounds me.

-We got married at Timberline Lodge & my papa married us!

-I dislike watching movies.

-On of my favorite places is Palm Springs, I have so many good memories there growing up & spending summers there. I love it. 

-I use to dream about one day having my own classroom 

-Type A personality right here.

-Our dream place to live is BEND, we've given it to God & if we are supposed to be there he will make it happen.

-That Ryder's feet are OKAY! haha we get a lot of questions!

-I worry A LOT.. did I already say that!?

Well there ya have it.. a few random facts about me!

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