Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Uncle Travis and Auntie Stacey came over last night and brought their girls to trick-or-treat and say hello! It was so nice to see the girls dressed up in their Halloween costumes. I even got "stung" by little miss Pey's stinger ;) Alex was a cat, Maddy was a flapper, Peyton was a bee, and Ryder was the U of O mascot Puddles. We attempted to get a cousins picture, they turned out cute despite everyone looking in opposite directions :)

(Ryder has lipstick lips mark on the side of his head from Maddy!)

 More kisses for the baby...

Uncle Travis and Austin were in the new "theatre room" discussing the platform and design of the room. We did get a picture of Uncle Trav and Ryder.. they were both Duck fans for Halloween! Well, actually they are both always Duck fans!!

Can you tell they are related!???

We spent our first Halloween as a family passing out candy to the neighbor kids, making dinner together, hanging out with some family... we were going to make carmel apples but we kinda forgot so we will make them tonight! I LOVE LOVE LOVE carmel apples and I can't believe I forgot about them last night! Today is a "fun filled" day of housework... lucky me! Maybe I will post a blog update about my wonderful day of housework... I know you all wanna read about that! HA

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