Friday, November 4, 2011

Latest happenings...

Well, not much has been going on around here. That isn't necessarily a bad thing in my opinion. On Tuesday we stayed home ALL DAY and did housework and laundry. We did 10, yes ten, loads of laundry. Every single towel we owned was dirty and ALL of our clothes. I can now say though that laundry is done, folded, put away and our house is CLEAN! Ryder had an X-ray on Monday of his chest. It came back CLEAR yay! I was so shocked and surprised, but thrilled! He is such a strong little bugger. Goes to show the power of prayer! :)   

Love this picture of Ry... He is so stinking cute!

Yesterday we went to our MOMS group i Newberg. We have been going to the one in Sherwood on Wednesdays but Ryder has been sleeping in past the start time haha. So we tried out Newberg. There were two dads there! It was fun but we like Sherwood's group better :)  had to run a bunch of errands and stopped by my mom's office for lunch. It was nice seeing her, we love her SO much! Here are some pictures we took while we were there...


Ryder and Grandma

~Mommy and Ryder~
This picture is funny, if you can see in the background on the computer screen is Ryder :) His grandma sure does love him!

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  1. No news is GREAT news!!! Can't believe how he's growing. Praying for you all!!!