Thursday, November 10, 2011

Am I a slacker?

Oh no.. I fear that I am slacking in this whole blogging stuff. I hope hope hope I can keep it up! We have had a BUSY week. We went to two different MOMS groups this week, had a fun dinner/ playdate with some friends, saw my grandparents, hungout with my mama, the list goes on... Ryder had an xray and blood work on Monday and it all came back NORMAL! I am SOOOOOO beyond happy, he is such a trooper. 

Saturday we went down to Jimmy Macks downtown for Marks 50TH Birthday!! It was a lot of fun, we brought baby along with us.... 

So I am currently in the Christmas spirit. I usually don't get like this but I think with having a new baby it makes it that much better. I have broke out SOME decorations (not many) and even got Ryder an ADORABLE santa hat!! 

My grandparents came by on their way to the beach on Monday, then they came back by today on their way back home... here is a picture of Ryder and his great grandpa!!

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