Wednesday, September 17, 2014



We are in the "home study" phase of our adoption process. We have had 1 of 3 interviews so far. The first interview went GREAT. Our case worker is the BEST. She is laid back, funny, easy going.. if for some reason she can see this, well, know that you "K" are more than we could ever have asked for! 

Anyways, our first interview was full of questions about the time we were born until now. One good thing about being young and going through this process is there isn't as much "history" as someone who is in their 40's. Our next home study interview is TOMORROW at our HOUSE.. ahhhh! Can you say nervous. I'm borderline going crazy wanting my house to be as clean as a museum. My house is clean, very very very clean, for that matter and I am happy. Tomorrow the plan is to stay OUT of the house haha Our appointment is at 2pm wish us luck ;)


Since before we ever made our first payment to our agency I started working on our profile book. I have spent HOURS on this book. Do you know how hard it is to express who you are as a family to someone you've never met? hard. and you know what is even harder? our birth parents letters. Having to write a letter to the woman that will be trusting us with her child, to raise as our own and love unconditionally is no easy task. Especially since we haven't met her yet! I'm hoping to have our book completed and ordered by the end of next week. I will be so happy when it's in my hands :)

Puzzle pieces are being adopted like crazy and I'm loving it. If you want to adopt a piece or pieces its not too late! Click the "donate" button to the right! OR check out our puzzle fundraiser post HERE! I will post a picture of the puzzle soon, promise. We feel so blessed and overwhelmed by all the love and support from everyone. We can't thank you all enough!

love, Erika

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