Monday, September 22, 2014

Seattle Trip

Hey all! 
We spent the weekend in Seattle for our adoption training class. We chose the cheapest places possible to stay (and it showed!) but it was really a GREAT weekend. We left Thursday night after our home study interview and went to my mom's house. We all spent the night there Thursday night, then Austin and I took off for Seattle on Friday afternoon. Ryder had a BLAST staying at "mimi's an grandpa marks!" My grandparents also went up there for a night to spend time with him. He had a house full of attention I am sure. My mom took a TON of pictures and I'm so grateful seeing all the fun he had with them. 

Seattle was an experience. I am NOT a big city, lots of people, crowds type of person and WOW there was a lot of people and a LOT going on up there! We spent the entire day Saturday in our class and it was good. Went by quickly and was very interesting and informative.

This week we really don't have a whole lot going on in regards to the adoption. I am working on finishing up our profile book ( it is coming together and i'm loving it!) We took some pictures at my moms for our photo book which was good. We have two hours of training left that we can do whatever we want for, so we have a movie we are going to watch and write a summary on. Austin asked our caseworker if we could watch Juno ! ha that guy. (laughing she actually said we could) 

PUZZLE UPDATE: I finally sat down and added up how many puzzle pieces have been adopted and 297 pieces have been adopted! I am in SHOCK! It is so amazing. There still are piece left (205 to be exact!) Here is the puzzle blog post HERE!

I didn't take too many pictures in Seattle, but here are a few: 

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