Monday, September 1, 2014

UPDATE: Our Adoption Journey

FIRST OFF: WOW! We are blown away at all the love and support we have received since announcing that we are adopting! In less than 24 hours 30 puzzle pieces were "adopted!" and we have had tons of people tell us they are planning too. We are so blessed, and so very thankful for you all! If you haven't "adopted" your piece yet don't be shy ;)

*as of right now around 150 pieces have been adopted!*

This journey is exactly that.. a journey. If you know me you know I have little patience when it comes to waiting around and I like things done like yesterday. But as I already knew and expected this process is greatly dependent on other people. That my friends is HARD for me. The day we got our humungous home study packet it was a Friday. Ain't nothin getting done on a Friday (seriously my grammar isn't that bad). So I knew I couldn't get anything accomplished until Monday. Don't be fooled though, I created an official adoption binder and got all of our paperwork organized!

Naturally I didn't sleep well Sunday night!  I was just so anxious. First thing first was to make Bruce (the dog) a vet appointment (they opened first). Yep. He needs a physical, updated shots, vaccination report and a LETTER from his Vet stating he is acceptable to be around children. Luckily his vet had an opening the next day. So to the vet we went :)

Next up was to schedule mine and Austins physicals. Now, I am not a fan of the doctors. The pure fact that I have been pregnant four times and have had to have 3 surgeries in less than a year and half and am not in a looney bin is simply amazing. I was seriously sweating making the dreaded phone call. Ridiculous I know. Of course neither Austin or I have primary care physicians so I had to go through the entire new patient stuff before I could even schedule an appointment. Then it came down to choosing a DR. I told the lady to pick someone who would have the quickest openings (later I realized that probably would be the worst dr in the entire office that nobody wants haha) We also have to get a TB test.. THAT is not something I'm looking forward to. But since talking to a nurse friend I feel a tiny bit better. gah. When this stuff is all over maybe then I can breath ;)

Are you still with me? Next on the list of "to dos"-which is a mile long- was fingerprinting. So Ryder and I picked up Austin at work and headed down to the Oregon State Police ID center and got our prints taken. EASIEST thing ever.

It's been a whirlwind the last week! We have already finished a two night Pediatric CPR and first aid class. Completed mounds of paper work, sat on the phone with our insurances finding out what is exactly covered, signed my name a million times and Austin has had an open line of communication with his HR department I swear.

 Of course I am remembering to breath and relax (do I have you fooled?) during this process. I know there will be a ton of waiting time and right now I have "stuff" to do to keep me busy.  Friday I got an email from our case worker that our first home study interview will be next week. AHHH can you say nervous?!? It's about to get real personal with a lady we've only ever met once. I will keep you all posted.

Will you pray for us to remember to keep a good balance of adoption work and keeping up with our normal life/routine? Its easy to get lost in the paperwork, literally, but we need to remember to embrace everyday and enjoy this journey! Tomorrow I am mailing in most of our paperwork and it's going to feel SOOOO good!


  1. So I typed up this whole long message and it erased it so here we go again... we are very much alike in having to have everything organized making sure the I's are dotted and the t's are crossed. Especially when it comes to wanting things done yesterday. I am not a patient person but I did a lot of praying and remembering to tell myself this is gods timing and I cant control the speed even though I wanted to take hold of the reins many times. I am enjoying traveling the journey with you, Austin ,& Ryder. Keep on plugging along and taking a chip off the block a little at a time and before you know it you will look back and wonder how you made it. Praying for you all. And remember this is gods timing

  2. Thank you! You are so right. I have been praying that I will embrace this journey and this time right now!! We are so blessed to have so much support!