Friday, June 1, 2012

Past Events: Ryder's Dedication

We had our sweet baby boy dedicated to the Lord on April 22nd, 2012! We were SO excited to have this done at our Church, Solid Rock. Austin and I knew from that beginning that this baby was a child of God. We knew He had a plan for our little man, and it didn't matter what we thought about it we had to TRUST and have FAITH in God that he would take care of all our worries. We want to raise Ryder according to God's will, we want Ryder to grow up loving, and trust God and its our job to teach him how to do that and what that looks like!  In the short (almost) 10 months Ryder has been apart of our lives we has grown closer as a couple and our relationships with God have grown as well. We were faced with many, many challenges before and after Ryder was born. and many more challenges are for seen for our future. God got us through them and is continuing to guide us through this journey of being parents. Having Ryder dedicated was something we felt was important for our family to do and we were SO blessed to have so many of our family members able to attend. It was a great day that will be remembered forever :) 

 Can't you tell he is LOVING his Aunt Cin!

My two boys who mean the world to me!

Ryder loves his Grandma :)

Auntie Stacey!

The best friend anyone could ask for :) Auntie Ashley and Uncle Jesse!

Johnson boys... Austin, Travis, Jake, Ryder, & Byron

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