Saturday, December 20, 2014

Asher Thomas Johnson

Introducing our newest addition, Asher Thomas Johnson
9lbs 1oz  &  21 1/4 inches long
Born, December 15th, 2014 @ 2:45am

I wanted to share a little bit about Asher, his birth mom & our hospital stay. Obviously there are things I will share about his birth mom, her son, his birth story, our hospital stay & our adoption in general but there are also things I won't share. His birth mom's story is not our story to share. It's personal and intimate and we will protect her to the end. She, and her 3 year old son are 100% apart of our family now! Anyways, I will refer to Asher's birth mom was "D" from now on. Birth mom is just too long to type!

Sunday afternoon when I got a text from D that she was at the hospital getting checked out I was instantly excited, but also knew that false labor is common and didn't want to get too excited. So what did I do, I turned on the hallmark channel! After a little while we got another texted that said she was being ADMITTED! It was officially "GO TIME!" 
The time between getting the text that we could come and getting the car loaded up was a little bit hectic and frantic. I'm glad my husband is still married to me. ;)

D was so gracious to allow me to be in the room during her labor and delivery. It was so amazing to be able to be there, to know Asher's birth story and be able to share that with him later on (if he ever wants to know !) We arrived at the hospital around 6pm, Austin picked a spot in the waiting room & watched tv! I won't share the rest of the details of her labor but sweet Asher was born at 2:45 am! ** side note, D & her first son were both born at 2:45, crazy huh!?**
I was the first person to hold Asher. It was surreal. I am so not a crier, I didn't cry when Ryder was born, I was thrilled but no tears, I didn't cry when i got engaged or at our wedding. When Asher was born, I was bawling. He was perfect and it was truly love at first sight.

and can I tell you how proud I am of D. She delivered Asher with NO medicine. She didn't have as much as a Tylenol. She was a rock star! It was such a special time, being there for the first minutes of my sons life, I seriously can't thank D enough. Being at the hospital was not a right for us as adoptive parents, it was a privilege and we feel so blessed she allowed us to be there.

The next few days were spent loving on our sweet boy. We got to stay in the hospital with Asher all three nights, the first time we had our own room with him, the second night it was a slumber party in D's room and the last night it was just Austin, Asher & I. I will forever cherish the moments where D was loving on Asher. The way she looked at him is only the way a mother can, her and I will forever have a bond. The hospital experience was awesome and God was there the entire time. He was working in all of our hearts and it was evident.

Because Asher was born in Washington we were told that the interstate travel paperwork could take up to 2 weeks to be approved. Our interstate paperwork was submitted on a Wednesday and approved the next day! What a blessing that was! Anyways, I have a very hungry baby on my chest that needs a bottle! More later.. promise :)

But first, here are some pictures!!!

 Paps's first time holding Asher! 

 First picture as a family of FOUR! craziness :)

  Ryder has been calling him, Asher Bear.

 Mimi & Asher! 

 This little man likes to eat, and if you make his wait he is NOT happy! 

 Meeting big brother for the first time.

 Grandma Debbie & Asher

 Our Casework Karen, SUCH an important person in our adoption story. She was the first person we met with when considering adoption and because of her we chose Bethany (our agency) and we able to adopt this sweet boy so quickly. She is a rock star!

 In my Called to Love shirt :) (check it out, its an amazing ministry I was blessed to be able to attend last month!)
 Tiny yet so big! 

D's brother took this picture of us!! We were exhausted! 

 meeting GG & Grampie! There second great grandson!

As Ryder would say, "Snug as a bug in a rug!"

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