Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Did you read that title up there? YES, WE ARE MATCHED! An expecting mom has chosen to place her baby with US. WE get to be this baby's parents and love them forever! I am in utter disbelief. God is truly in control and has been from the start. He is present and we feel it. It is very important to us that we guard our future birth mom, future child and her story. It is not our story to share, nor is that fair to our future child to share all information!

But don't fret, there are some things we will share...

What I CAN tell you that baby is due in DECEMBER! yes, next month. and I also can tell you all that our future birth mom is more than amazing. I have so much admiration and respect for her. She is selfless, kind, loving, beautiful, understanding, thoughtful and STRONG. The list goes on.  The way God brought us together is simply amazing and I am so grateful for this story. The relationship her and I will share will be unlike any other relationship in my life and I am so excited to see it grow. We already consider her & her son part of our family and we want to make sure that everyone knows how much love we have for them.

Now the big question. PINK or BLUE. The answer: BLUE!! We.are.ECSTATIC! We are going to have another son! My heart might explode. Austin is over the moon excited to have two boys! and baby boy has a name. (that's a super cool story for a different day!) We are nervous, anxious, happy, stressed, THANKFUL & blessed. We feel so blessed by this potential situation and PRAY that God will be glorified to the highest through this adoption.

 but we need your help. This has all happened pretty quickly, all in God's perfect timing but quick. Upon placement (birth of baby) our last chunk of money will be due $13,500! We need your help. First, We want to say THANK YOU to everyone that has donated and helped us reach our first goal. We couldn't have done it without you.  We ask that you pray about it and if you feel inclined to help us reach our next goal we would be forever grateful. Some ways to donate are:

You can still adopt a puzzle piece! We have roughly 150 pieces left!! Each piece is $10 and your name/ or family's name goes on the back! The puzzle will be hung in the nursery in a double sided frame. (Austin is painting the nursery as I type. yay!)

Paypal: To the right of the screen you will see a paypal "donate" button! Click there and it will bring you to the secure paypal website.


visit: for a tax deductible donation that gets paid directly to our agency!!


Send a check! Make checks PAYABLE to Austin & Erika Johnson and send to:
Johnson Adoption
PO Box 262
Gladstone, OR 97027

** upcoming adoption fundraisers: Austin parent's have graciously offered to have a table at TWO upcoming craft fairs to raise funds! Awesome right. The first craft fair is the Dancing Reindeer Bazaar on November 21st & 22nd at the Armory in McMinnville! (Ryder and I will be there the 22nd!)

the second fair in Rickreall craft festival at the fairgrounds November 28th & 29th. Address: Polk County Fairgrounds
520 S Pacific Hwy W
Rickreall, OR 97371

*** There will be lots of great crafts, come check it out or stop by and say "hi!" Look for the banner with The Johnson picture on it ;) 

We not only are needing financial assistance but most importantly continued PRAYER. We are so blessed to have so many people praying for us and our journey, thank you! Please keep praying, we still have a road ahead of us! Our agency & lawyers are still working through some legal stuff that needs to happen and we ask for prayer for not only our situation but for the professionals to be able to accomplish what they need to accomplish!  Also, would you be praying for our expectant mom & her son. She has the biggest decision of her life ahead of her. We want her to know how much we admire her and that we will do anything we can to support her. Pray for our relationship together to continue to grow and always be God honoring. Would you also pray for us as we wait and prepare? We love you all and thank you all for taking this journey with us and  allowing us to share our hearts with you all!

 The night we first heard about a potential situation! Ryder looks thrilled doesn't he!? ha

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