Monday, October 8, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012-- HEISERS FARM (photo explosion)

October 6th and 75 degree!? Are you serious? I am NOT complaining, I am loving this "fall" weather. I love the sunshine and I love that we got to go to the Pumpkin Patch today in this beautiful weather. After running errands all day we made it out to good ole Hesier's Farm about 15 minutes from our house. We took Ryder there the day after we got home from our hospital stay at Doernbecher last year. It was crazy how much he has changed since last year. He was a little tired and kinda overwhelmed but we all enjoyed ourselves. It was just what we needed, some good ole family time! 

Ryder loves airplanes & helicopters and they were doing Helicopter rides at the farm so every time one would fly above us he would point up to the sky... it was super cute. 

Ryder wasn't to sure about the pumpkin! He thought it was a ball!

Ry & his pumpkin!

This little man LOVES his papa. 

me & my little man.. can't believe I wore SHORTS to the pumpkin patch!

Big 25 pounder right there!

He found his pumpkin!

Ryder and Austin!

He finally chose a pumpkin ;)

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