Friday, October 5, 2012


I am totally a type A person who needs a schedule & organization. My husband would beg to differ that when it comes to my car it's full of stuff! Which isn't necessarily bad in my eyes, I always have everything I or someone else may need and it is an organized "mess!" 

My house on the other hand is the opposite. I hate clutter, knickknacks & too much stuff around. When people ask us to do garage sales with them we laugh inside because we don't keep stuff long enough to sell it, if we don't want it we throw it away for give it away, or sell it if its worth anything. My mom use to say growing up that "everything has a home and it belongs in it's home!" Well that was a good thing to instill in me but also makes me go crazy at times... For Example, a few weeks ago Austin was working an early morning shift, he needed to be up on the Santiam Pass by 5am. Neither of us are coffee drinkers but he needed the caffeine to make it through the day so he pulled out our coffee maker and kept it on the counter. I was going NUTS. Having it's new "home" be on the counter was not happening. I don't like "stuff" on the counters, I have a hard time with my fruit basket being on the counter (it is currently residing on my shelf of a pantry) But anyways, moving on.. 

We keep a lot of Ryder's toys in our back family room, every day we 
organize" and clean them up but there were driving me nuts. They were all pushed into a corner and thrown into a basket. This was NOT organized for me! We we made a trip to Ikea on Wednesday and got ORGANIZED!! I am loving that everything has a HOME!!! ;) 

Here is a picture: 
You'd be surprised how many toys are in each of those baskets. Being able to see some of the toys is taking some getting use to (haha) but Ryder needs to be able to see his toys! Loving the new shelves and total cost was only under $100! 

Is anyone else OCD like me when it comes to organization!? Any weird quirks like my "nothing on the kitchen counters" theory? Or am I just crazy!? 

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  1. Looks Amazing! I just used to shove everything in a basket and call it good