Sunday, January 15, 2012

Homemade Organic Gala Applesauce!!

We are doing the "4 day wait rule" in regards to introducing new foods to Ryder. Today was the day we could give him a new food. We gave him sweet potato last so this time we wanted to do Apples :) I of course didn't have any apples to use. So off to the store we went. We decided to stop by Austin's brother new place to check it out and visit since we were already out.. Anyways, We stopped at Safeway to get apples. Of course they HAVE to be Organic (only the best for buddy Ro hehe!) So we chose Organic Gala Apples.. They happened to be on sale so I bought a bunch. 

Here is the process of how I made his apple sauce.. SUPER EASY :) Don't believe me? Take a look!!

 awwww Pretty Organic apples. Its important for apples to be Organic because they are one of the "high pesticides" foods.... 

 Peel the apples.. I uses my favorite martha stewart peeler, I love it!! I hate peeling apples with a knife, I ALWAYS cut myself.. amateur I know!

 Cut all the apples into 1/4" pieces, toss into the Baby Brezza.. Turn to STEAM for 15 minutes..

 Once its done steaming I poured out some of the water into a small bowl. I didn't want it to be too runny but I wanted to save the water to add back in once I mixed it.. that water is high in nutrients.. better than adding regular water.

YUMMMMMMMM.... Can't find the blended final product.. I'll hunt the computer for it :) He did actually enjoy the apple sauce.. Can't you tell???