Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Baby Brezza in ACTION!

I finally pulled out the Baby Brezza and put it to the test, and I have to say.... I LOVE it!! So easy. I want to make more and more baby food but I already made too much! Ryder isn't eating that much right now so I don't need to go crazy. Here was the process....

 Here we go, all out and ready to make.. SO I opened it all up, washed it and set it up. I decided to make sweet Ryder sweet potatoes. 

 pretty ;)

 Chopped and in the Brezza...

 25 minutes later and this is what I got... amazing!

Clean up was very easy as well.. I made another batch and it just got done. I better go get it before Ryder wakes up from his nap! Overall, I am in love... with my baby and with the Baby Brezza. I can't wait to make more fun foods for him. Oh, and I tasted it... Pretty good for sweet potatoes :) He will get his first taste of this goodness tonight for dinner! I'll post how it goes. 

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