Friday, March 23, 2012


To start off I LOVE Pinterest... It's like the best time killer ever. I could spend hours, even when I don't need to kill time on there. I rarley need a "time killer" with a mobile 7 month old so I'm not sure where I am find this time but thats besides the point, I LOVE Pinterest. 

During one of my Pinterest searches this morning I came across an awesome idea! It was a tutorial on how to make "hard boiled eggs" in the OVEN!! yes the OVEN. I was in shock too! and I tried it.. and they were the BEST hard boiled eggs I have ever made. I am a fan of hard boiled eggs so this was pretty cool to find. and it was super easy. I think I will from now on ALWAYS offer to make deviled eggs at Thanksgiving and Christmas :)

Heres how "I" did it :)

Preheat the over to 325 degrees 


..I got eggs... and put them in mini muffin pan! Figured they were safe in there incase they cracked. You can just lay them down on the grates..

Cook for 30 minutes....

tick tock, tick tock, tick tock!!

After the 30 minutes take them out and put them in an ice bath.. these were in an ice bath, I took the picture too late and all the ice had melted.

 Crack and enjoy! See they turned out awesome :) I usually always get the "green ring" around the yolk and to my surprise there is no green ring. I was pretty impressed.

I can't wait to tell Austin what I did... I'm guessing he is going to laugh!

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