Friday, December 30, 2011


I am going to log about Christmas but FIRST I wanted to do a quick update about my new years resolutions!! Im still in the process of coming up with some good ones. I usually don't make new years resolutions or if I do they don't always get even started! But there is one New Years resolution I KNOW I can follow through with. 

NEW YEARS Resolution #1: To make all of Ryder's baby food!! No jarred baby food for our little man! For Christmas we got a Baby Brezza, I am SO excited about it!! I also order a bunch of stuff from Sage Spoonfuls website :) We are not going to introduce solids into Ryder's world until his 6 month birthday.. or close to it! So I have about a month to plan, practice, and prepare!


One of the main reasons why I want to do this is because I know feeding him fresh, preservative free food is the best! When Ryder was born I had the goal of breastfeeding for a year.. well with his health issues that simply wasn't an option. I felt like a failure, was so down that I couldn't give him what I know was best... But I realized it is out of my control, God had a different plan and I needed to accept it and TRUST that it was his plan and that I wasn't a failure! I will blog what Im making sweet baby RO and share it! 

Right now Im planning what he will eat for his first food.... Im thinking sweet potato or avocado... yum!!! There will be NO rice cereal for us! Im still debating about oatmeal cereal, I found an awesome Organic homemade recipe that I might just have to try!!

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  1. Hey Erika -
    I am about 2 months away from giving Coby his first taste of food. Please let me know how you like your Baby Brezza. I just bought The Baby & Toddler cookbook from Williams-Sonoma and am reading through the recipies.